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South Florida Gymnastics!

We are so happy that you are interested in our program. We offer gymnastics, tumbling, fitness, and circus classes for the whole family. We begin our regular classes at the age of 16 months and offer programming all the way through adulthood. Please check out our parent portal by creating an account to get class descriptions, available times, and sign up for your FREE trial.
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South Florida Gymnastics has been dedicated to the Bradenton and Sarasota area since our start as Culbertson's Gymnastics back in the '70s and has been established at this location for over 19 years. We are proud to offer a variety of different programs and have several successful competitive Women's gymnastics teams and a traveling Circus Performance team. We offer several new and exciting clinics to our members EVERY month to keep the athletes engaged and interested in all things fitness related!

Our Recreational programs include: preschool gymnastics, developmental gymnastics for girls and boys, tumbling classes, circus classes, open gymnastics times, and even a full homeschool class program.

Our Adult programs include: yoga flow, bootcamp, yoga sculpt, deep stretch and gymnastics classes. SFG rolls out fun and unique workshops monthly and even has a weekly open training time for our adult athletes to stay engaged and excited about fitness.

Special events at South Florida Gymnastics include: open gym, circus clinics, aerial circus clinics, cheer clinics, tumbling clinics, parkour clinics, Ninja warrior, dance, preschool play times, and more! We're always looking for new creative ways to focus on fitness...if you have a great idea and would like to see it featured at SFG, let us know!

South Florida Gymnastics is dedicated to our community and works very hard to establish strong and dependable business partnerships. SFG hosts a "Parents Night Out" fundraising event every month to raise money for our business partner schools. Our dedicated staff members travel throughout the community offering P.E. classes to our local schools and even hosts school assemblies to allow all kids the chance to access our programming.

Our facility has something for everyone! We are committed to building a stronger and safer community one athlete at a time. Join our mission!

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