Preschool Gymnastics

Twinkle Stars (16 months - 3 years)
Parent and Tot gymnastics classes are for participants 16 months to 3 years old. During this 45 minute class, participants will get a chance to learn how their body works by jumping on a trampoline, climbing on mats, rolling down inclines,walking across balance beams, hanging on bars, and sliding down slides. Parents get a chance to take their little tyke through the various courses while teaching them to listen and follow directions. Students MUST have an adult participate with them. The cost is $58.00/ month. Additional Registration Fees apply.

Rising Stars (3 - 4 years)
Rising Star gymnastics classes are 50 minute co-ed classes for toddlers 3 and 4 years old. Participants must be potty trained in order to register for this class! During the Rising Star class,toddlers will get a chance to try the beginning stages of both men's and women's gymnastics skills, shapes, strength and flexibility. Participants also learn how to take turns, listen and follow directions, communicate with friends and adults, share, and play with other children. The cost is $85.00/ month.Additional Registration Fees apply.

Shooting Stars (4 - 5 years)
Shooting Star gymnastics classes are one hour long, co-ed classes for children ages 4 and 5 years old. Shooting Star classes will start to work on Men's and Women's Olympic events and will focus on the basics needed for gymnastics. Participants will learn beginning gymnastics terms and skills, strength, flexibility and shapes needed for advancement in the sport of gymnastics. The cost is $91.00/ month.Additional Registration Fees apply.

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