Welcome to our facility!

Our facility's equipment includes:

Floor/Tumbling Area

2 full size Competitive Spring Floors
30 foot Tumbling Trampoline
32 foot Rod Floor into a Free Foam Pit

Uneven Bar Area
2 sets of competition size Uneven Bars
set of Star Bars
Single Rail Bar into Free Foam Pit
Bounce Handstand Trainer
various Floor Bars
Strap bar

Beam Area
6 recreational Balance Beams (4 adjustable in height)
6 competition size Balance Beams (all adjustable in height)
Floor Beam

Vault Area

competitive Vault Table into Free Foam Pit OR hard landing surface
2 Resi Pits
Mini Trampoline
various Spring Boards
Vault Trainer with adjustable heights

Men's Equipment
2 competitive Pommel Horses
4 Mushroom Trainers
Colt Trainer
1 Ring Tower into Free Foam Pit
2 Rings on hard landing surfaces
2 competitive Parallel Bar sets
Floor Parallel Bar
3 Competitive High Bars (1 into free foam pit)
Strap Bar

Training Mats for all programs
Large Inclines
Small Inclines
Panel Mats
8' Landing Mats
4" Landing Mats
Mail boxes
P-Bar blocks
Spotting Blocks
Kipping Blocks

Preschool Area

Separate fully mirrored area just for the little gymnast with equipment suited for their size
2 Single Bars
3 Floor Beams
2 Spring Boards
Small Inclines
Small Panel Mats
Climbing Stairs
Barrel Mats
Hula Hoops
Parallete Bars
Floor Bars
South Florida Gymnastics Facility picture