Kim Friday

Program Director

Coach Kim graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Elementary Education.

Athletic Experience
Coach Kim was a gymnast for 15 years at Flairs Gymnastics and competed as a Level 10 for 3 years. Her favorite thing about gymnastics is how the sport teaches fun and exciting skills, but that is just touching the surface of her gymnastics favorites. Gymnastics teaches kids how to problem solve, face adversity, and the most rewarding part, it teaches kids how to become strong and confident! Coach Kim's favorite event as a gymnast was bars.

Coaching Experience
Coach Kim began her coaching career in 1994 as a recreational coach at Flairs Gymnastics. She continued to coach during college at the North Central Florida YMCA where she became the Program Director shortly after finishing her degree. Not only has Coach Kim coached and run various programs, she has attended numerous state, regional, and national clinics and conferences. Coach Kim is a Level 10 Women's Gymnastics Judge. She has been judging since 2006. Coach Kim is also rated as a Junior Olympic Team coach, a Recreational Gymnastics Director, and a Director of Business through USA Gymnastics University. She joined us here at SFG in 2006 as a team and recreational coach and quickly has moved into the program director status she holds today.

Current Background check
First aid and CPR certified
Level 10 rated Women's judge since 2006
USA Gymnastics Professional Member since 1998
USA Gymnastics Safety certified with U-100 Certification

“There is something so rewarding about watching and helping kids fulfill their goals and to be a part of their dreams coming true”